These are some of the Films I have worked on during my time at the Film Academy (NFTA) in Amsterdam.
I followed the course of Film editor, but also did some compositing.


in this short documentary that I edited during my 2nd year at the Film academy,
Jacoba is a goat at a petting zoo in Amsterdam.
She gets to see al the goings on at the farm.

Director: Nova van Dijk
Producer: Anne Luigjes
Camera: Rozemarijn Stokkel
Sound: Thijs van der Vliet
Editor: Bente Lee Gubbels

Meneer Kok wil niet
(Mister Kok doesn't want to)

Mister Kok is a short fiction film about a elderly man who is being dropped off at the nursery home against his will.

Script: Annemiek Mulder
Director: Hanne van Asten
Producer: Jelle Leeksma
Camera: Roel van 't Hoff
Sound: Job Haverkamp
Editor: Bente Lee Gubbels

Compositing Assignment