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Sprout (Igathering) 2011

Engine: UDK June 2011 Beta
Software: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, UDK
Time: 2 days
Team: Just me
Assignment: Make a game in 2 days with the theme of "Parenting".
Approach: I thought out the concept of a child that is thrown out of his spaceship by his parents. He can only get back by growing a tree that can grow to the height of the space ship. Then he can climb back up. To make the tree grow he needs to collect water bubbles. I started in Kismet of the UDK, using basic mesh as place holders. I used the kismet to create the gameplay. In the first level , the three bubbles are slowly rolling over the ground. in the second level they are hiding, the particle emitter that is parented to the bubbles can give away their location if the player looks carefully. In the third level the bubbles move faster and near dangerous places. on the second day I started to make the final geometry. most of the textures I used, come with UDK but the meshs are all made in Maya and exported to UDK using FBX

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