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Euclid Poster

Euclid Infinity (Game Lab) 2010

Involvement : Interface Designer, Team Lead (Second Part)
Engine: Ogre & Flash
Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Flash
Team: 2 Ogre Programmers, 3 Flash Programmers, 2 Artists making models and textures.
Time: 50 Days
Assignment: Make a  cooperative game/simulator that will stimulate teenagers to use math. Use the concept of a space ship controlled by multiple players.
Approach: In the first half of development I was assigned to create the look for the interface. As it was decided to use Flash for the control panels, I chose to use Adobe Illustrator to make the assets. That way the images stay crisp and can be scaled in any direction without it losing its style and the flash programmers can embed code into an asset to make it function on its own. First I used copic markers to make different styles on paper, then I would present them to the team lead. After a style was picked I recreated that style in Illustrator so that I can use vector-based assets that can easily be exported to and manipulated in Adobe Flash. I created a Flash external library, that could be used by all the Flash programmers without them having to create a new project.

Interface design

MockUp window

Icon Bar

Station Bar

Slider Pointers

Slider bar/Pointers and icons



Ship Top

Ship Side

Ships views

Captine Desk
Engineer Desk Science Desk
The desks backgrounds for the Captain, Engineer and Science Officer