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Lightning (Machinima) 2010

Involvement: written script, Director, Editor, Moviestorm operator.
Engine: Moviestorm
Software: Moviestorm, Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Encore.
Team: 6
Time: 10 days
Assignment: We had to make a game concept and a machinima based on the book "Lightning" by Dean R. Koontz.
Approach: We had decided to use a few pages from the book as they are from an important scene of the story and could be a whole on itself, without having to explain the entire story. Because the story is drama heavy, I decided to use Moviestorm as engine. Moviestorm is a program specifically made for machinimas and has the necessary tools. All things can be keyframed and all the animation were already incorporated. There were only a few limitations that caused the script to be changed to work around them.


Explanation of the changes:
In the script we made Laura older: Moviestorm only offers teens and adults. intro: the first shot starts outside showing the bad weather and the time of day. as the camera lowers it shows the front of the store setting. then the camera zooms in on the main character Laura, with in the background her father behind the register. in the book Laura is described as a girl wise beyond her years and a girl who can be down to earth. I wanted to emphasise that by letting her be more calm and have more knowhow then her father. she response to her fathers fiddling with a smile and is able to open the register with one button while her father can't seem to manage it. the problem with the register is a setup for when the junky comes in and the father can't open the register fast enough. Stefan: in the book Stefan comes in on the last moment without any explanation or introduction. in the concept of the game we made Stefan the player character that is time pressured to act. the split screen is a method to reflect the urgency of the matter. as a referance tot the game we implemented the split screen in the maschinima. the shots to Stefan serves as a cut away from the main event and as a tension builder. there is no real explanation of where he comes from or how he knows that Laura is in trouble, leaving them to speculation as the book also does.