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Adam's Venture 3 (Game) 2012

Adam's Venture Website

Company: Vertigo Games BV
Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
Platform: PC, OnLive, Steam
Involvement: Create cutscenes and trailer
Engine: Unreal 3
Software: Unreal 3 (Matinee, Kismet, FaceFX, AnimTree, Cascade)
Autodesk Maya, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, Audacity.
Time: 15 weeks
Assignment: For Adam's Venture 3, cutscenes needed to be made using the dialogue script as a starting point.
Approach: To start off, I got the script with the dialogue, the models of the characters and a mockup of the location. With those elements I set up a previs (previsualization of a scene) in the engine . For the dialogue that was not yet recorded I used the built in TTS (Text-to-Speech). I made a Mise-en-scène (a plan for the positions of important elements, like camera and actors) on paper for the more complicated scenes. I recorded the previs so it could be used during the motion capture sesions. I lead the sessions together with another member of the company. we used 3 full days to capure all the cutscene animations and aditional animations for in-game use. I helped with the cleaning of the motion capture data and imported it into the Engine. After all assets were imported, I combined them in Matinee (a timeline that can control assets (ranging from cameras to textures) in the engine) and Kismet (visual programming implement in UDK) to replace the previz. After I cut out the right dialogue takes for the audio, I added facial animation using FaceFx (a facial animation program that is integrated in Unreal) to them. I then added and/or changed lights and partical systems where needed. The trailer was made in the last week using in-game footage.

Keep in mind that all video material is property of Vertigo games and should not be used without their permission.

Adam's Venture 3 Trailer

Here are some of the scenes that I have worked on:
the first sections are the previs that was made for the motion capture sessions.
the second sections are the scenes that are in the game.

If you would like to know more specific details of the work I did you can check out
the log that I kept during my Internship