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Adam's Venture 1 (Remake) (Game) 2011

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Company: Vertigo Games BV
Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
Platform: PC, OnLive, Steam
Involvement: Create and improve cutscenes.
Engine: Unreal 3
Software: Unreal 3 (Matinee, Kismet, FaceFX, AnimTree, Cascade)
Time: 20 days
Assignment: For the remake of Adam's Venture, new cutscenes have been prepared but needed the final touch before shipping.
Approach: This assignment was my introduction into making fully featured cutscenes that include human characters with FaceFX (a facial animation program that is integrated in Unreal). Almost all the cutscenes already had a general setup. There were only a few that needed to be rebuilt. Cutscenes in Unreal are made by using Matinees (a timeline that can control assets (ranging from cameras to textures) in the engine). The animations of the characters had already been done using motion capture.

Working on the scenes I changed timing in animations and/or camera, tweaked facial animation and repositioned cameras.
On some occasions I added extra props (exp: rats and spiders), added partical emitters (exp: dust and clouds) and changed the lighting.

The new intro replaces the old scene that was a collage of concept art with a voice over.
Keep in mind that all video material is property of Vertigo games and should not be used without their permission.

Here are some more comparisons of scenes that I have worked on:

If you would like to know more specific details of the work I did you can check out

the log that I kept during my Internship