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Project: San

Software: Autodesk Maya, Zbrush, UVLayout, Autodesk Mudbox, UDK, Adobe Photoshop, actorX
Assignment: Create a 3D bust of San (Princess Mononoke, directed by Hayao Miyazaki.)
implement that Model in the UDK and make a ray trace render with scene and lighting
Approach: Taking images from the movie as a baseline, I modeled a low poly version in Maya and Used UVLayout to create good UV Maps. I then used that version of San in Zbrush to create the high poly version and made a normal map from it. I used Mudbox to create the textures and Photoshop to tweak. I also made extra textures like a toft of fur. bringing it all together in Maya, I added the faces that would be the edges of the fur and hair. I used ActorX Maya Plug-in to export the low poly version and imported it into UDK. textures were combined into a material and applied to the static mesh.

San, the glass display and the cloth are of my own making, the rest of the mesh is credited to I have made all the textures procedural using Maya's own hypershader. The only thing that has no texture created by me is the green screen in the back and the smoke texture. I used the Maya fur plug-in to create the hood. because the fur does not render in a refection or through glass I had to make multiple renders of the glass and the fur separately and combine them in Photoshop. I used a depth render in Photoshop to create the depth focus.
The scene was rendered using Maya ray tracing.

Zbrush San1 Zbrush San2 Zbrush San3
Zbrush Sculpt

UDK San2 UDK San1
UDK Import


Maya Ray tracing renders