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Project: Houdini

Software: Houdini
Assignment: Create procedural Romanesque Churches.
Approach: Before actually starting in Houdini, I did research into Romanesque church architecture. Comparing al the structures to find coinciding elements and rules that apply to all the churches. But also keeping in mind the diversities that are allowed inside those rules and turn then in to constraints. For instance: the height of a church is between 2 and 6 units. I have worked out these constrains into a research document. After that I started to build it in Houdini. I told Houdini what the constrains are of the things like walls, roofs and tower and state which thing might also be included but don't have too, things like towers and door locations. Then Houdini randomly creates a value inside the constrains that I have given him, resulting in a different church with every press of the button.

Research document