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Project: Eugene

Software: Autodesk Maya
Assignment: Using the provided poly bones, assemble a human skeleton, and create the muscles that are attached to them. The result has to be anatomically correct. For this assignment, a period of 6 weeks was available
Approach: With the use of references I put the bones in their rightful place. Then I started adding muscles, using curves and splines then lofting them into NURBS. I did the deep nestled muscles first, working my way to the surface muscles. Using instancing to duplicate one side to the other while still having control over both of them, with only having to alter one. I have made all the textures procedural using Maya's own hypershader.

Eugene Front Eugene Front
Eugene from the front in Maya and rendered with ray tracer

Eugene Back Eugene Back
Eugene from the back in Maya and rendered with ray tracer

Eugene Bust Eugene Bust
Eugene bust in Maya and rendered with ray tracer